I have always been enamored with color and pattern. I take design inspiration from nature, western landscapes and Native American art. I am intrigued by texture, color, geometric forms and patterns created by nature and translated by cultures around the world into rugs, basketry, pottery and clothing. Of particular interest are repeating patterns of nature – tessellations – such as found in desert wildflowers, pine cones and ice crystals, and ethnic patterning and symbols.

The world is a complex structure of earth, vegetation and water, overlain by human culture and alteration. I attempt to find the underlying patterns of the natural and man-made environment, translating those into bold patterns of color to provide exciting one-of-a-kind wall hangings, rugs, tapestries, clothing fabric and other works I design with computer as well as traditional modes of paper and pencil to design fabric that I execute on one of my four workshop looms. Many of my pieces include hand-spun and/or hand-dyed yarn, both from native plant materials and synthetic dyes.

I am blessed to live within one of the most intriguing areas of Central Oregon with views of the Three Sisters Mountains from my front windows. Through the seasons, the effect of light, shadow, heat and cold, provide the creative stimulus and energy I need to keep the creative process alive and growing.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my book Weaving Tartans, A Guide for Contemporary Handweavers available on Amazon.com. This page has a description of this book. 

Along with my husband, Tom, a photographer, trips to the Oregon Coast, the Desert Southwest, Alaska and other western locales, I never run out of inspiring subject matter, color and pattern. Visit his website at http://tomswildlandphotography.com/.

I specialize in wall hangings, garments and fabrics for interiors. I also love Scottish tartans!