Bateman Weaves, The Missing Monograph, The Basics and Beyond

By Linda Tilson Davis

In the mid-1900’s, Dr. William Bateman, a Ph.D. in chemistry, spent his retirement years experimenting with weaving. He was not content with exploring only traditional, known weave structures. He developed several new ones that have become known as “Bateman Weaves”. They include such names as Park, Boulevard, and Extended Divided Twills, among others. Texts and other information on these weaves are relatively scarce. Bateman Weaves, The Missing Monograph, is an introduction and summary of these remarkable weaves. The monograph covers both Dr. Bateman’s approaches and those of the author to appeal to a more contemporary audience. Whether used as a guide or as a stand-alone text, The Missing Monograph fills a void in the weaver’s library.


      • A summary of unique weaves created by Dr. Bateman: Park, Chevron, Blends, Extended Divided Twills, Extended Manifold Twills and Multiple Tabby, all in one monograph
      • Basic blocks for all weaves
      • Over 150 full-cover images
      • Extensive bibliography

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Weaving Tartans, A Guide for Contemporary Handweavers

By Linda Tilson Davis

Tartans are among some of the most ancient of fabrics and remain classics for fashion. Furthermore, tartan designs have worked their way into a wide array of commercial products. Planning and weaving tartans can be a challenge for weavers due to the complex color arrangements that are based on registered threadcounts for clans, districts and a host of other organizations that have adopted tartans as part of their identity. This book provides step-by-step instructions on:

¨ Researching tartan setts and obtaining thread count information

¨ Planning and designing a tartan project

¨ Tips and tricks for successful tartan weaving

And more!

Written for Beginning to Advanced Weavers

Purchasers of the book can forward their Amazon invoice to Linda at to receive a free coy of the template described below.

Tartan and Striping Calculator–Microsoft Excel Template

Developed by Linda Tilson Davis

Ever want to weave a Scottish Tartan, plaid or complicated stripe design but decided not to becauseChisholm it was too hard to figure out how to do it, and to calculate how much of each color would be needed? It gets even more complicated if you want to try out various configurations without spending hours of time trying to figure it out. I decided to develop a template for Microsoft Excel® that would let me easily and quickly figure out how to lay out a tartan, plaid or striping design and determine how much of each color I would need in the warp and weft depending on the length of the warp, the warp width and sett. The calculator not only calculates the yards/meters of each color, but also number of pounds/grams required. Below is a small image of part of a worksheet. Cost $10.75 US sent electronically with payment through PayPal. For a disk, contact Linda for cost of postage and handling. Please provide version of Excel that you have. Can work in other spreadsheets such as GoogleDocs. Detailed instructions included. Contact Linda for details.

Tied Weaves Workshop on Disc

Developed by Linda Tilson Davis


Profile Draft

A CD that takes you through a self-study of over a dozen tied weaves that you can do at your leisure on an 8 shaft loom. $20.00 US includes shipping and handling to the US and Canada. Contact Linda to pay and arrange for shipment. Outside North America, please Contact Linda for prices.

This workshop is designed to solve the mystery of how to develop original designs and convert them to tied weave structures through block design and profile drafts. Structures include: summer & winter; double two-tie; Bergman; half-satin; Latvian/Lithuanian; Quigley; Park; diversified plain weave; and others. Twelve of the sixteen drafts can be done on a single warp and rethreading for each sample. Requires an eight shaft loom, table loom preferred; suitable for multi-shaft looms.

The CD contains threadings, treadlings, WIF files, and images for sixteen structures, and sample sheets for recording results. It also has a bibliography.

Study Groups
Not everyone is in a large enough guild to have a workshop make sense because you need to do at least the first 12 samples to really understand the possibilities of tied weaves. Therefore, some may find a study group process more advantageous. The format for individual study can be also be applied to a study group process.
Group Discounts for Study Groups (North America; for other countries, S&H to be determined):
1-5 Workshop on a Disk CDs: $15 US + shipping and handling (bulk mailing)
5 or more CDs: $12 US + shipping and handling (bulk mailing
Payments through PayPal. For study groups, please provide name of guild or organization.

These CDs are copyrighted. Copying and disseminating the disk without permission of the author is a violation of copyright law.