Workshops and Seminars

Workshop and Seminar Topics

Linda L. Davis, Instructor

These are workshops that I am offering to guilds, fiber conferences or other organizations. If you have something else in mind, let me know and I will tell you if it is something that I can do for you. Workshops booked in 2016 are $350 per day plus lodging, if applicable; transportation within Oregon included in cost.  Outside Oregon, travel beyond Oregon border is additional.  Seminars are $150 for 3 hours plus travel and lodging. Workshop and Seminar Topics (PDF download)

Unlock the Power of WeavePoint®Software

WeavePoint® software can unlock your creative weaving potential.  This half day or full day workshop, for beginners to advanced users, for owners and potential owners, explores the tools and tricks available within this powerful software.
Duration: Half or full day (half day for each level, beginner and intermediate to advanced); students select half day or full day
Number of students: 5 minimum; maximum 12 for each half day session
Requirements:  Basic working knowledge of PC computers and Windows (V7 preferred); laptop computer, latest version of WeavePoint software (owned or demo version).

Connect with Your Heritage: Weave a Tartan

ANWG 2011 Tartan Workshop

Connect with your heritage (or with someone else’s!) while also learning important weaving skills such as making frequent warp and weft color changes, color blending and consistent rhythm and beat.  Tartan lore and history, tips and tricks for weaving tartans, resources for selecting and designing tartans, finishing and a tartan calculator spreadsheet application will also be provided.  With assistance from the instructor, students will select a tartan prior to the workshop and instructor will provide warping instructions for each tartan.  Students can choose to weave a scarf, towel or runner.  Warping to occur prior to the workshop.  Students work on own looms throughout workshop.
Duration: 2.5 days
Level: Advanced beginner and above
Number of students:  6 to 16
Loom required: four shafts (floor or table loom
Yarn provided by participants
Supplies: Note paper and graph paper, pencils; yarn/thread as specified by instructor

Image from Spokane Weavers Guild 2015 Workshop:

The Many Faces of Summer and Winter

2010 Rogue Valley Workshop

This workshop is an exploration of Summer & Winter and its various treadlings that can be done on a single threading.  Students will be  provided with a threading and warping instructions prior to the workshop according to skill level and the capabilities of the workshop loom.  Each student will complete samples on her/his own loom. The
workshop will include a lecture on the principles of designing and  drafting a summer & winter project from a profile draft and instructions for completing seven samples and variations.  Students to provide own looms and yarns.
Duration:  2.5 days
Level: Advanced beginner and above
Number of students: 6 to 16
Yarn/thread provided by participants
Supplies: Note paper and graph paper, pencils;
yarn/thread as specified by instructor
Loom required:  Four shafts and above; some table looms required

The Many Faces of Tied Weaves

This seminar and workshop is designed to solve the mystery about how to develop original designs and convert them to tied weave structures through block design and profile drafts.  Students come with pre-warped looms, in a common design motif but each a different tied weave structure provided by the instructor.  Structures to be explored include: summer & winter; double two-tie; Bergman; half-satin; Latvian/Lithuanian; Quigley; Park; diversified plain weave; additional structures depending on number of participants.  Students compare effects and leave with samples of each weave structure.
Looms: Eight shaft, some table looms required; suitable for multi-shaft looms
Workshop style: Round robin
Duration: 3 days
Number of students:  10 to 16
Level: Advanced intermediate and above
Supplies: Note paper and graph paper, pencils; yarn/thread as specified by instructor

Available July 2013: Tied Weaves Workshop on Disc. A CD that takes you through a self-study of over a dozen tied weaves that you can do at your leisure on an 8 shaft loom. $20.00 includes  shipping and handling to the US and Canada. Contact Linda to pay and arrange for shipment.

Portland Handweavers 2011 Workshop

Strolling Through the Park and on Down the Boulevard

Park Weave Sample

Park and Boulevard are two of the Bateman weaves.  There are many variations of each that offer interesting and unusual pattern and texture effects on eight or fewer shafts.  In this workshop, a variety of threadings and treadlings will be explored based on the two monographs of Dr. Bateman’s weaves by these names and published by Virginia Harvey.
Looms: Eight shaft, floor or table looms; some multi-shaft looms desirable
Workshop style: Round robin
Duration: 2-3 days, depending on number students
Number of students:  10 to 16
Level: Advanced intermediate and above